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Instagram Feed Report for

Instagram Feed Report for Alt Başlıklar1 There’s an Issue with an Instagram Feed on Your Website2 Moderate your Feed…

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Instagram Feed Report for

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Alt Başlıklar

There’s an Issue with an Instagram Feed on Your Website

An Instagram feed on your website is currently unable to connect to Instagram to retrieve new posts. Don’t worry, your feed is still being displayed using a cached version, but is no longer able to display new posts.

This is caused by an issue with your Instagram account connecting to the Instagram API. For information on the exact issue and directions on how to resolve it, please visit the Instagram Feed settings page on your website.

Moderate your Feed Content
Control exactly which posts show up in your feed by using the Visual Moderation Mode feature to pick and choose what to display. Remove specific posts or create a whitelist of approved content using Instagram Feed Pro.

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This is a courtesy email sent from the Smash Balloon Instagram Feed plugin on your website to alert you when there is an issue with one of your Instagram feeds.
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